Teen Magazine Confession

Insecurities.  We all have them.  But it seems that the marketing departments take special aims at young girls and teen girls.  Billboards, ads, magazines, television and all other forms of media shout that beauty is on the outside and you are not measuring up.

Christina Kelly, who has been the successful editor of Elle Girl, YM, Jane, and Sassy, wrote a confessional article about the process of the female magazine industry:

Why do we crave celebrities?  Here’s my theory.  To be human is to feel inconsequential.  So we worship celebrities and seek to look like them.  All the great things they have done we identify with in order to escape our own inconsequential lives.  But it’s so dumb.  With this stream of perfectly airbrushed, implanted, liposuctioned stars, you would have to be an absolute powerhouse of self-esteem already not to feel totally inferior before them.  So we worship them because we feel inconsequential, but doing it makes us feel even worse.  We make them stars, but then their fame makes us feel insignificant.  I am part of this whole process as an editor.  No wonder I feel soiled at the end of the day.

Quoted in Timothy Keller, King’s Cross, pp. 78-79
(“Why Do We Need Celebrities?” Utne Reader, May/June. 1993, pp. 100-101)


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