King’s Cross & The Gospel of Mark

I just picked up King’s Cross by Timothy Keller.  The timing is great because I just finished hearing the Gospel of Mark on CD in my car, got down with a seminary course that covered the first eight chapters of Mark, and the King’s Cross is focused on the Mark’s gospel.

Part of the introduction of the book tells the story of Emile Caillet and his article “The Book That Understands Me”.  Caillet encountered Jesus while reading the Gospels and discovered the book that understood him.  Keller compares his experience to Caillet’s:

Reading that article, I realized that the same thing had happened to me.  Though as a youth I had believed that the Bible was the Word of the Lord, I had not personally met the Lord of the Word.  As I read the Gospels, he become real to me.  Thirty years later I preached through the book of Mark at my church in New York City, in hope that many others would likewise find Jesus in the accounts of the Gospels.
This book is inspired by those sermons, and it is offered with the same aspiration for the readers (p xvi).

Having been impressed with Timothy Keller’s previous books, I look forward to exploring King’s Cross: The Story of the World in the Life of Jesus.


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