Contagious Courage

“Courage is contagious. When a brave man takes a stand, the spines of others are often stiffened.”
-Billy Graham

Preaching the Word of God as the Word of God is not always easy.  There are some passages that are easier to talk about than others because they carry popular sentiments such as love and joy.  Or we happen to know that there are certain topics and passages that are the favorites of the congregation.

But then there are those difficult passages.  The verses and segments of Scripture that are unpopular because they are convicting (to the preacher & the hearers) or very politically incorrect.  They are the passages that make you sweat as you study the Bible and think about how you will share the words with the full weight of God’s authority, yet seasoned with grace.  The words of God that you know will convict, cause people to internally struggle, possibly result in tears, reasonably end in some people not coming back because the Bible was just too “counter-cultural” and the preacher did not rationalize away, excuse, or twist the Bible to make it more palatable.   These are the tough love sections of Scripture.  The portions that result in a lot of prayer during the preparation, during the presentation, and during the post-preaching conversations.

It is my hope to be a person who stands on the authoritative Words of Christ and speaks them with courage.  To be a person whose courage is contagious.  To see others boldly stand for the truth, even if it is counter-cultural and politically incorrect, so that the love of God through Jesus Christ (yes, even the tough love) could be spoken and shown to the world.  To see people saved and mature spiritually throughout their lives.


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