New Book Ideas: Your Thoughts?

I am thinking about taking the summer to turn one or two sermon series into a small book.  There are two series that I am considering using for the kickoff book and would like your input.

Should I kick off with the sermon series Growing Faith: Our Journey As Seen in the Life of Josiah or should I go with An Overcoming Christian (based on the seven churches in Revelation)?

You can listen to the sermon series online at

The Josiah book would have chapters based upon the three sermons (Phase 1: Seeking God; Phase 2: Taking Action; Phase 3: Biblical Living), but I would add a fourth chapter covering the death of Josiah.

The Revelation/Overcoming Christian would have chapters based upon the three sermons (Love & Endurance; Open Mind or Empty Head?; Proper Trust) that cover all seven churches, but I might consider breaking up the sermons into seven much smaller chapters so that each church gets one chapter.

Thoughts? Ideas? Suggestions?

One recent suggestion was to do the Josiah series and call the book something like King in Training.


4 thoughts on “New Book Ideas: Your Thoughts?

  1. I like the second idea best. It would be cool to compare and contrast the seven churches like you did at the retreat and you could even challenge readers to decide what church they are most like and to consider what God may be saying to them.
    But, my love, you know I’ll support you in any endeavor. 🙂

  2. I pick the Josiah series. I have always been a new testament reader. In the last couple years I have been more interested in reading and learning the old testament.

  3. I know I’ve been toying around with some ideas, but I thought I’d pass this thought on a definition of a Christian. Detailed yet simple facts about Christians (based on the word) that one can use to better understand their walk with the Lord (mostly their daily struggle with sin, and other things) as well as to use as “mythbusters” in Gospel applications. But mainly along the lines of breaking the myth that, Christians lose freedom, even though the reality is that freedom is gained, using modern situations. As a companion book, “What is freedom to God? As Americans we typically have an unrealistic understanding, if any at all of what freedom really is. Well there are my 2 scents.

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