Bible Memorization

The Bible is a treasure chest filled with spiritual wealth.  Yet it can also be very intimidating.  Some consider the thought of reading through the Bible as a near impossible task, so don’t even bring up the topic of memorizing the Scriptures.

Of course there are some who revel at the thought of memorizing the Bible.  They use it as a form of merit badge to demonstrate their spiritual superiority.  Others love the thought of committing the Bible to memory for the sake of perfecting a study technique.

Then there are are those who read the Bible and are indifferent to memorizing.  Sometimes it is because of a self-righteous religious sense of superiority because they are “too busy living Jesus” to be self-righteously memorizing the Bible.  Others may view memorizing the Word as unneeded since we have almost immediate access to a Bible in our houses, in our pockets, on our computers, and we can even have them digitally on our phones.

But there is so much value in committing the Divine Word to memory. Author Joshua Kang describes one benefit in musical terms. “The more we commit the Word to memory, the richer our being becomes.  The melodious concert of His Word will continually echo within us. Then we’ll encounter the conductor, our Lord Jesus, the Holy Spirit, who helps us remember the Scriptures, and the Father, who’ll receive the glory through all of this.”

Dallas Willard echos similar sentiments when he said, “Through memorization God’s words reside in our body, in our social environment, in the constant orientation of our will and in the depth of our soul.  They become a power, a substance, that sustains and directs us without our even thinking of them, and they emerge into conscious thought and action as needed.”


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