“I love you, O Lord”

“I love you, O Lord, my strength.”
Psalm 18:1

The first verse of the eighteenth Psalm is a short verse.  A sweet verse. A tender verse. A verse so easily read and passed over in the process of reading the remaining forty-nine verses.  But to do so would be like swallowing a Jolly Ranger whole.  The long-lasting flavor in this one verse is meant to be savored.

Stop.  Read the verse again. Pause after every phrase. Did you taste the sweetness?

How often do we say to the Lord, “I love you”?  How often do we say it, mean it, and don’t rush into all the reasons why we love Him?  Try it right now.  Go ahead. Say it softly. Say it sweetly. Say it with a smile on your face. Say it with eyes closed. Say it loudly.  Say it as though in love.  Is the sweetness there yet?

Simply saying, “I love you” to Jesus can open up new worlds in our relationship with Him.  He becomes less distant and less impersonal.  The appreciation and love for who He is grows.  The intimacy grows.  The satisfaction of the simply joy of spending time with Him grows.


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