“The Momentum of Togetherness” Book Review

The Momentum of Togetherness: Why the Church is the Best Thing Ever for the Christian Life by John Myer of Grandview Christian Assembly is a first-rate e-book.  Based upon the sermon series of the same title, this free book is the first of many in the “Big Ideas – Little Books” series designed to enable a person to grasp some of the major aspects of a healthy Christian life in a bite sized book. A book that even a non-reader can finish reading (Momentum is only 45 pages long).

In Momentum of Togetherness, Myer tackles the epidemic of church hopping in the United States.  Christians who jump from church to church in the ever elusive search for the “perfect church”. The result being that they never grow and never truly help anyone else mature spiritually.  The book advertises itself with the following thoughts: “Is the church just an accessory item to the Christian life? Many have begun to feel this way as they pursue a course of isolated spiritual growth. Momentum gives good reasons for settling down with other believers, putting a stop to wandering from one congregation to another, and being about the business of serious Christian development.”

Momentum of Togetherness lives up to its description.  Chapter one, “Continuing Your New Life”, introduces the reader to the big topic of setting.  Upon believing in Jesus, He places a person into the setting of the church – the setting necessary for a person’s healthy growth as a believer. Chapter two, “Becoming a Disciple Among Disciples”, debunks the thought of a “perfect church” and brings the reader into the life of being a learner in the midst of other learners in the setting of the church. The final chapter (I told you it was a short book), “More Than a Visitor”, addresses the responsibility and accountability that comes to the surface of a Christian’s life when they cooperate with the king-priest nature imparted into them upon salvation.

Overall, Momentum is a short book worth reading, re-reading, and discussing in groups (did I mention that it comes with discussion questions at the end of each chapter?).  It is a great way to introduce new believers into the necessity of the church and enhancing the view of the local church in the eyes of more “seasoned” Christians.  It can also be a good tool when it comes to helping our Christian friends who feel disenchanted with the church.


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