Upcoming Reads

I like reading.  I like reading good books by good authors.  There are three books that are at the top of my list that I am reading at the same time and appear to be great books:

1) The Momentum of Togetherness: Why the Church is the Best Thing Ever for the Christian Life by John Myer
This new e-book is based upon a sermon series by John Myer, pastor of Grandview Christian Assembly.  It is the first of several books in the “Big Ideas – Little Books” series.   The book looks to be a great read as its description is: “Is the church just an accessory item to the Christian life? Many have begun to feel this way as they pursue a course of isolated spiritual growth. Momentum gives good reasons for settling down with other believers, putting a stop to wandering from one congregation to another, and being about the business of serious Christian development.”

2) The Knowledge of the Holy by A.W. Tozer
This is a Christian classic that examines the attributes of God and how they apply to the Christian life.  Written by a well respected theologian, this book promises to bring in a reverence and praise to God for who He is and how He reveals and makes Himself available to us.

3) Church Planter: The Man, the Message, the Mission by Darrin Patrick
The latest book from ReLit, this short book takes a look at church planting by examining the need for a proper church planter.  A real man of God. A man of God with the right message and who is on mission.  The concepts and principles laid out in the book look like something every Christian leader and lay person could learn from, whether or not they are involved in a church plant.


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