“The Rage Against God” Book Review

I just finished reading through Peter Hitchens’ The Rage Against God: How Atheism Led Me to Faith.  Hitchens writes, “I am neither a theologian nor even a Bible scholar. Nor am I a philosopher, nor a “public intellectual,” whatever that may be…My only qualifications for writing it is that I am me, a former atheist with some skill at words who has returned to the  Church and whose brother [Christopher Hitchens] is in the vanguard of the current attack on religion” (p 220).  I certainly agree with this statement after reading the book.

Overall, the book is written with finesse but lacks much punch.  Hitchens tells his tale of moving into atheism and then his gradual and begrudging return to faith in the first section of the book, yet it is less of a story and more of a social and political commentary.  The second part of the book addresses three failed areas of atheism, a great topic, but the author’s case comes across as watered down in areas that it could drive home a potent point.  The final section, “The League of the Militant Godless”, is by far the best and strongest part of the book.  Here Hitchens rips to shreds the false statements made by the proponents of new atheism that Soviet Russia was not really an atheistic regime and then concludes with a few devastating pages to any who would say that teaching children about God and Christianity is a form of child abuse.

The Rage Against God is worth a casual reading, but the reader would be better served in checking the book out of the library rather than spending money on purchasing the book new.  I would give the book two stars out of five.


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