Biblical Woman Challenge

Gender topics can be hot topics. Being a guy, I tend to target boys who can shave, cowards, and chauvinists who are not living like biblical men. Men who are living and imitating Christ.  This entry is going to be talking to the ladies.  Actually, offering up a challenge to the women of the world to dive into the Bible and discover God’s description of a godly woman.  Before jumping to conclusions, read the following excerpt from a Mark Driscoll blog and try the challenge:

Put Down US Weekly, Pick Up Proverbs

Here’s your assignment ladies – I want you to covenant with me to do this this week: Fast. Fast from television. Fast from radio. Fast from women’s magazines. Fast from romance novels. As much as you are able, fast from all of the false sermons that are being preached to you. And the false gospels that are being assailed at you. Fast from it for two weeks.

In that time, read Proverbs. Read Ruth. Read Esther. Read ’em again, and again, and again, and again, and again. And read ’em with a pen or a highlighter. Every time something strikes you, note it. And read Ruth. Read Esther. Read Proverbs, over, over, over, over, over again.

At the end of two weeks, watch a sitcom. Pick up a women’s magazine. And tell me if you do not see that this world is filled with the woman of folly who is loud, defiant, undisciplined, without knowledge.

You may disagree with a lot of what I have said. My questions would be this:

Do you disagree because you’ve been reading your Bible a lot?

Or do you disagree because you haven’t been reading your Bible a lot?

We’re going to go live our lives counter-culturally because the world in its wisdom does not know God.  And I’m going to ask the ladies to covenant with me – Proverbs, Ruth, Esther – and undergo a renewing of the mind.


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