False Humility

Do you fall into the spiritual trap of appearing holy while in fact being unholy in regards to humility and ambition?  Do you  categorically reject greatness?  In theory, not being ambitious sounds good but when applied to real life it falls apart. Do you not want to have a great marriage, family, ministry, be part of a great church, have a lasting impact on the world?  Do you want your surgeon not to aspire to greatness? How about your spouse?

False humility in the religious realm often boils down to not using to the max the gifts that God has entrusted to you. It is many times an excuse for laziness, cowardice, or living for the applause of men for being “humble” rather than living for God.

Mark Driscoll of Mars Hill Church in Seattle exposes this in the video below and gives six excuses that people use for not being great in a godly way today:

  1. I am great already
  2. I have potential to be great
  3. Back in the day I was great
  4. I am comparatively great
  5. Tomorrow I’ll be great
  6. If only ___ I would have been great


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