Bound by the Father’s Love

“Unless this be added, all is in vain as to any communion with God. We do not hold communion with him in any thing, until it be received by faith.  This, then, is that which I would provoke the saints of God unto, even to believe this love of God for themselves and their own part (1 John 4:16) – believe that such is the heart of the Father toward them – accept of his witness herein. His love is not ours in the sweetness of it until it be so received. Continually, then, act thoughts of faith on God, as love to you – as embracing you with the eternal free love before described. When the Lord is, by his word, presented as such to you, let your mind know it, and assent that it is filled with it. Set your whole heart to it; let it be bound with the cords of this love. If the King be bound in the galleries with your love (Song 7:5), should you not be bound in heaven with his?

Let it have its proper fruit and efficacy upon your heart, in return of love to him again. So shall we walk in the light of God’s countenance, and hold holy communion with our Father all the day long.”

-John Owen (Communion with the Triune God p 126)


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