Spiritual Growth

“The hope in the New Testament is to get us to incline ourselves to the Spirit. That is the place of fellowship.  In other words, to let our fellowship with Jesus  influence our lives to the point that it affects our behavior. It affects our attitude. It changes our direction of life. All kinds of things. That is the hope of the New Testament beyond the point of just belief in Him. Slowly this body and this soul would pay a lot of attention to the spirit.  That is the hope. That is what we call spiritual.  According to and of the Spirit. Your inclination should be towards the Christ who lives in you. That’s spiritual.”
-John Myer (The Spiritual ManUA Christian Assembly May 9, 2010)

Spiritual growth as described in the Bible is more than just following an outward set of behaviors.  It is a life and a lifestyle that is changing to match the life and lifestyle of the One living inside of us.  As we cooperate with the Spirit within us we begin to change and grow.  John Myer’s sermon, The Spiritual Man (part of the “Real Progress” series), goes into great detail about what this looks like theologically and practically in the life of a Christian.

In the second half of the sermon John Myer dives into the details of three barriers to spiritual growth using the Corinthian church as an example.  The apostle Paul tells the Corinthians that while they should be growing and on the way to spiritual maturity they have remained spiritually immature and infants.  Three elements that they should be doing for proper spiritual growth are: (1) Self-feeding, (2) Exposure to a more advanced diet, & (3) Dealing with different kinds of behaviors that break out among the believers (i.e. envy, strife, and division).


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