Prosperity Theology: The Dirty Little Secret

Why is prosperity theology so prevalent on Christian television stations?  What is the draw?  In the Resurgence blog Prosperity Theology: The Dirty Little Secret insight is given to this deceiving form of theology.

Here is a small excerpt to get you ready to read more from the link:

How to Make Jesus an Idol-Giver

The question is, how can you pay for the expensive airtime when advertisers won’t pay for the typical slots around the “Christian” programming? The answer is prosperity theology/idolatry. To pay for the airtime for infomercials, “ministry” leaders need to find a way for people to send in generous tax-deductible donations. The problem is that most people don’t give generously unless they really get the fact of the gospel—that our God is so generous that he gave us his own life—or they are given a theology in which Jesus is an idol-giver. So, prosperity theology was born for, in large part, the express purpose of paying for poor quality “Christian” programming and generating massive amounts of revenue to keep programming on the air that would not otherwise merit a time slot.


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