Dug Down Deep Book Review

“Jesus is the center, the focal point, of the Christian faith. But it’s odd how averse we Christians can be to studying and defining a clear “doctrine” of Jesus. That just doesn’t seem relational. We don’t want to study Jesus. We want to experience him”

“I think many Christians are more interested in chasing a feeling about Jesus than pursuing Jesus himself and reviewing and thinking about the truth of who he is. The irony of this feeling-driven approach to Jesus is that ultimately it produces the opposite of what we actually want. Deep emotion in response to Jesus isn’t wrong. It can be good. But to find it, we need more than imagination and introspection.”

“Knowing Jesus and feeling right emotions about him start with thinking about the truth of who he is and what he’s done. Jesus never asks us how we feel about him. He calls us to believe in him, to trust him. The question he asked his disciples is the same one he confronts us with: ‘Who do you say that I am?’ The real questions when it comes to Jesus are, Do you believe he is who he says he is? Do you believe he’s done what he said he came to do?”
-Joshua Harris (Dug Down Deep pp 85-86)

The above quotes capture the kernel of Joshua Harris’ latest book, Dug Down Deep: Understanding What I Believe and Why It Matters. It is not a book designed to be a study in systematic theology, though it does take the reader through some of the core Christian beliefs.  Rather, the book is an easy read filled with great imagery to help the reader gain a picture of the necessity of having a faith grounded in truth and not just our feelings and what we want to believe.  If you are looking for “deep” theological terminology and thoughts, you have the wrong book. If you are looking for a book that takes some critical and deep theological topics and presents them in easy to understand ways, then this is a book worth reading.


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