Under the Wire Book Review

“I knew that it was time to end one career as a Spitfire pilot and start a new one. My career choices were limited: I could become a prisoner, an escape artist, or a corpse. How, I asked myself as I looked for a field in which to crash land, did an American, flying for the Canadians, fighting for the British, come to be blown out of the sky by a German, somewhere over France?” (Under the Wire p 2)

If you have ever seen the classic Steve McQueen movie The Great Escape then Under the Wire is a must read.  This autobiography of William Ash’s life in WWII as an escape artist and “cooler king” captures the reader in its insights, wit, and humor in midst of often harrowing and  tragic circumstances.  The reader laughs with the POW’s, applauds their heroic escape attempts, mourns with the reports of executions, and is encouraged by bravery and resolve of so many men.


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