“Nostalgia is a powerful tug at the human heart, but within that grip is the recognition of reality. Wonder is a strange and elusive state of mind. We know it when we have it. We talk about it as if we all know what we mean. we wish we could hold on to it forever. Yet we have consigned nostalgia to the days of childhood and fairy tales. The world then was one to be conquered. we were going to soar to heights and breathe new air. The future was like a banquet table laden before us, and we were going to taste its delights to our fill. But now that they years have gone by there is a different emotion. Fatigue, care, worry, mistakes recognized, and yes, even farewells now evict the marvel of what we once envisioned. At best we are sorry that the life invested did not bring the dividends of a compounding fulfillment.”
(Ravi Zacharias Recapture the Wonder p 30)

Do you feel like the wonder in life has slipped away? Do you dream of days of old or the “good old days”?  Where is the passion in life?  If a person is a Christian and feels this way then there is something not quite right.  Consider this quote from Eugene Peterson’s Traveling Light:

“The word “Christian” means different things to different people. To one person it means a stiff, upright, inflexible way of life, colorless and unbending. To another, it means a risky, surprise-filled venture, lived tiptoe at the edge of expectation…If we get our information from the biblical material, there is no doubt that the Christian life is a dancing, leaping, daring life.”


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