Ohio State Shooting

Early this morning, around 3:30am, a man opened fire on an office of people at the Ohio State University.  He injured one and killed another before turning the gun on himself and ending his own life.

The news spread around the world in an instant.  I got a text from my fiancee who lovingly wanted to see if I was alright.  A friend reported getting a call from his mother in Taiwan to see if he was ok.  My fiancee and his mother received reassuring news, but one family received a phone call that would bring the tragic news home like a sledgehammer to the chest.

The media, University, and those with various views on gun control quickly took the opportunity to air their views without much human compassion but a lot of passion for their own agendas.  It is my hope and prayers that there are some faithful people in the lives of these three families who can bring the love of Jesus Christ in the midst of this sad and horrific event.  Because, as one blogger wrote in their article A Dose of Early Morning Darkness, “Darkness never tastes good and it leaves an aftertaste that fouls the very periphery of life itself.”


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