Home Is Where the Heart Is

What do you call “home”?  How do you define your “home”?  Is it where you spend most of your time? Is it where you grew up? Is it where you feel safe? A place to call your own?  How about the phrase “home is where the heart is”?

Spiritually speaking, if you are a Christian, your home is in Christ.  He is the One in whom we live, walk, spend time, abide, and grow.  Hopefully our heart is with Christ more and more each day and we allow Him to make His home in our hearts (Ephesians 3:17) while we learn to abide more in Him.

While we tread this earth awaiting the Lord’s return to establish His kingdom upon it physically there is another aspect to what we call home.  Something more akin to the original questions of this entry.  My beautiful fiancée wrote a lovely blog on this concept entitled Home: The Concept.  She moved beyond the physical and into the soul.  She dove beyond our typical surface thinking to delve into the very heart of the matter of what we call home.  Below is a little preview of what she wrote:

Quite a few months back, my dear friend and matron of honor said something that was foreign to me.  She said that she had learned to make her home wherever her husband and kids were.

The concept of home for me has always been quite different.  Wherever I spent most of my time, there was where I called home.  Growing up, I called Verona, Kentucky, home.  I went off to Georgetown College and considered my dorm and campus and Phi Mu my home.  I bought my home and then considered this place my home.

But something has very recently changed inside me concerning the home concept.

Home isn’t this place that I’m trying to get rid of or rent out.  Home isn’t Verona.  Home isn’t my sorority or my college.  And I’ve had very amazing times at these different places in my life.  Home is…


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