Nietzsche’s Insight On Human Dignity

“Another Christian concept, no less crazy: the concept of equality of souls before God. This concept furnishes the prototype of all theories of equal rights.” – Friedrich Nietzsche (The Will to Power)

Nietzsche was right.  Without Christianity where would this thought of “equality of souls before God” come from?  From where would that famous line in the Declaration of Independence, “all men are created equal”, arrive?  Outside of the Bible this understanding of human dignity is hardly a self-evident fact.

Without God’s Word, and approaching life from a purely atheistic-Darwinian perspective, it is seemingly much more self-evident that people are not equal.  A brief look at human history and in some cultures today testifies to the rejection of this Christian belief. Throw out the Bible and its moral standard and eventually people and society will begin to live out this worldview of inequality of souls.  What do you think will emerge from this “freedom” from biblical morality to live however we want in the “moral superiority of atheism” that Christopher Hitchens desires?


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