Wheat or Tare?

The world today is crowded with false faith that is typically the good-hearted product of religious culture. The parable of the wheat and the tares in Matthew 13:24-30 illuminates the danger of remaining with this kind of “faith”.  In the sermon Getting Real With Yourself in UA Christian Assembly’s Awesome Start series challenges the listener to have an honest heart check about their status with God.

Do we consider ourselves to be wheat because we go to a church service, read our Bibles, grew up in a Christian home, or try to live in the way a “Christian should live”? The trouble with tares is that they look a lot like wheat, especially early on, but they are ultimately dangerous to those around them and are destined to be burned up.  Whether we are a wheat or a tare is not something to be ignored or put off for another day.  Listen in to John Myer’s message and come to Jesus with an open and seeking heart so that you can know with certainty.


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