Robbing God

The Bible gives a serious criminal charge against God’s people – robbing God (Malachi 3).  Even worse for God’s people was that it was God Himself making the accusation, and He is a very reliable witness.  He says that we are robbing Him of tithes and offerings.

Immediately there are a lot of objections that pop up in our mind as we try to sidestep the issue. Have you heard or thought any of these? “It’s my money. I earned it.” “I have too much debt to give right now.” “I already give with my time and energy.” “Tithing is Old Testament and we live in the New Testament era now.” “I am too poor to give.” And one of my favorite excuses because it sounds so funny, “God loves a cheerful giver and I am not a cheerful giver so I shouldn’t give.”

Coming up with objections and getting upset about the subject of tithing is a great indication that God has us nailed for robbing Him of what He is really after – our hearts.  Listen in on the sermon Robbing God (of our heart) and check out the Oasis Christian Community audio page for a Power Point presentation with more resources on the topic.  You can also listen in on this great message by John Myer of UA Christian Assembly on the topic of tithing in the New Testament.


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