Heart Surgery

Some people have called it the Blizzard of 2010.  Over night we had about six inches of wet heavy snow dumped onto central Ohio.  This morning I was shoveling the heaps of snow off of the church sidewalk while speaking tomorrow’s sermon, Robbing God (of our heart), into the wind.  During one of my rest breaks the thought came to me, “I wonder how much gunk has accumulated on my heart? This snow is burdensome, but how much more must be all the stuff the Lord is in the process of removing inside of me.”

Resuming my shoveling, I began to converse with the Lord. Confessing my sins and thanking Him that His blood washes me as white as snow. Asking Him if i was robbing Him. Praying for my friends, family, and those who I serve.  I never finished running through the next day’s sermon while shoveling snow, but the snow didn’t seem quite as heavy and I left feeling that some of the hardness of my heart had melted and fallen away.


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