Tebow’s Courageous Stand

It seems that Tim Tebow may be in a bit of hot water because of a possible Super Bowl ad where his mom says that she is happy she gave birth to him.  In an ESPN commentary, Laud the Courage in Tim Tebow’s Stand, writer Jemele Hill makes this astute statement:

The specific contents of the ad have yet to be confirmed, but in the minds of some special-interest groups and media critics, it immediately takes Tebow from college football hero to a misogynist worthy of the presidency of Spanky’s He-Man Woman Haters Club in the old TV show “The Little Rascals.”

I don’t care if you’re pro-choice or pro-life, conservative or liberal, God-fearing or atheist, you’ve got to admire Tebow for standing with conviction, even as he’s opening himself and his family up to criticism. We often commend athletes for taking a stand — as long as it’s a stand with which most of us agree. The minute they start pushing a social agenda that conflicts with our own, we tell them to shut up…

I understand the concerns that the Tebows might be crossing a culture line by intersecting politics, sports and religion on the biggest day of the year for Americans to come together to celebrate a treasured event in sports. But I’d rather see an athlete behave with conviction than degrade himself to make money. I’d rather hear Tebow talk about what God has done for him than read another story about an athlete who beats up his wife or girlfriend.

Personally, I believe that this potential commercial would have raised a firestorm whether it is aired during the Super Bowl or if it is aired at another time.  It is a touchy subject and to have a high profile athlete talk about supporting an issue that it is not politically correct to support is going to get people upset.  The article pointed out that it is easy to take a stand for something that is popular, but it takes real courage to take a stand on your moral convictions.  What gives Tebow’s stand even greater strength is not that he is a college super star, but that he truly attempts to live out his beliefs.

Jemele Hill closes with this appropriate commentary:

I’m a big fan of people who live the way they talk. You may not believe Tebow will become an NFL quarterback. You may think the media fawns over him way too much. And you may think he’s overrated. But the one thing you can never say about Tim Tebow is that he’s a fake.


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