No Blind Leaps

Take a leap of faith. It can sound spiritual but more often than not it gives the impression that faith in God is a blind leap without any basis in reality.  I imagine Mark Twain’s “faith is believing what you know ain’t so” is in response to this kind of “blind faith” talk.  Thankfully the belief in the God of the Bible is no blind leap of faith. It is based in reality and on solid ground. Yes, there is still faith required, but it is a reasonable faith based upon facts.

A great resource for talking with your friends, or even to help answer you own questions, listen in on UA Christian Assembly’s No Blind Leaps: A Faith That’s Reasonable sermon series and their pastor’s blog Bare-Knuckle Bible. Already posted on the blog (with more posts likely to come) are the following topics:

1) No Blind Leaps – Is There Any Such Thing as Absolute Certainty?
2) It’s Actually Difficult to Prove Anything
3) Faith, Not Math
4) Riding a Wobbly Bicycle and Other Adventures in Believing
5) When Proof is Overrated
6) The Mechanics of Belief in God
7) Living in the Infomercial


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