Deaths Abroad & At Home

There has been a recent onslaught of news about death and despair in the news. Abroad in Haiti and at home with the suicide of an Ohio State teacher/grad student.  With a macabre interest I have been drawn to look at how people not directly impacted by these tragedies have responded. What I have found is a mix of compassion and ugliness.

An article in USA Today displayed both sides in the article Youth in Lawless Haiti At Risk for Sex Trade, Slavery, Murder. There is help and compassionate care from churches to the people of Haiti in the wake of now two big earthquakes and a death toll over 200,000.  There are others who are using the tragedy for disgusting ends of murder and child sex sales.

The student newspaper of the Ohio State University, the Lantern, reported a grad student/instructor’s suicide.  In their online article Instructor’s Suicide Shocks Students the story of a 24 year old young lady leaves the reader wondering “why this tragedy?” Some of the blogged comments blame the “system” for not being supportive enough to grad students, some blamed the girl for killing herself, others suggested that she didn’t listen to enough “lyrics” and take enough “grams” to get through the hard stuff, and some offered condolences and examples of how they have constructively dealt with the rigors and loneliness of grad school. The constructive comments largely dealt with getting involved with a local church with a good grad student population (one mentioned was UA Christian Assembly).

It is great to see Christ’s body reach out in these times of need. I hope that many will find these good shoulders to cry upon and find the ultimate Comforter, Jesus Christ, in the midst of these situations.


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