Archeology Backing the Bible (Again)

In the news today there was an article entitled, When Was the Bible Really Written?.  Initially suspecting a revisionist history approach attempting to undermine the Bible, I smiled when I saw that it was a revision of history that helped support the Bible.

Some have stated that the Old Testament could not have been written before the 6th century BC because “Hebrew writing did not exist until then”. A new find from a piece of pottery with inscriptions in Hebrew that has been carbon-dated to the 10th century BC has forced a change of at least several hundred years in this theory.

Bible scholars have placed the original writing of the books of Moses, Genesis – Deuteronomy, have been to around 1260 BC or 1446 BC (there is a debate among scholars as to the date of the exodus from Egypt which doesn’t really matter for the sake of this blog).  This would put the writing of the Pentateuch between the years 1260-1220 BC or 1446-1406BC since Deuteronomy was written forty years after the exodus.  The tenth century BC is a lot closer to these dates than the sixth century BC.  Once again archeology and science is tending to line up with Scripture rather than diverge from Scripture.  It would not surprise me to see future digs uncover evidence that brings our archeological data closer and closer to the time line that the Bible depicts for the writing of the books of Moses.


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