New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions.  What are yours? Do you make them, or do you avoid making them because you figure that you won’t live up to them anyways?

Me? I generally don’t officially make them, but I do have certain mental goals such as losing 10 pounds and getting back into shape – college level in shape.  Ok, I may not get back to my NCAA (Division III) college swimmer fitness level, but if I can get close I will be happy.

As good as getting back into shape is in a person’s life, let us consider one resolution for the year 2010 that will benefit you and the world around you.  Improving your relationship with our God and Savior Jesus Christ. (Check out New Year, or Same Old Garbage? for some more thoughts on this topic.) When it comes to something that has eternal worth and lasting eternal impact in another person’s life, Jesus Christ is key.  How was your relationship with Him last year?  Is there room to improve (we all have room for improvement)? In addition to improving your “self feeding” spiritually, your time with other Christians gathered together as a local church is a great way to see your relationship with Jesus take off in 2010.


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