Atheist Tells Christians, “Evangelize”

Illusionist Penn Jillette, a devout atheist, posted a video blog about a man who approached him after a show and gave him a Bible.  Jillette described the encounter praising the man’s genuineness and care.  He then went on to say that Christians should proselytize (i.e. evangelize) since it means that you must really hate someone to believe in hell and eternal life and not tell that person.  Jillette also inferred that atheists should not get upset at Christians for sharing the gospel because they are trying to save the atheists from a terrible fate. You can click the picture to link to the video to hear his words for yourself.

This kind of appreciation of evangelism and the heart behind it is refreshing.  If an atheist has this kind of heart towards evangelism how much more should we Christians?


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