Belief – One Woman’s Journey

For awhile, I remember actually being curious about faith in college, and having discussions with some close friends and hall mates. I found myself admitting I did not believe. That the Bible was a work of literature and that Jesus must have been a good man, but I just don’t know about God. I’m not sure if this is what I really believed, or this is what I wanted to believe. I’m not sure if I was saying what I thought would make me appear smart, or relatable, or sure of myself. I really don’t remember much about how I felt back then, but I do remember a few of the things I said during these conversations- and a lot of my discussion had to do with logic, and reason, and science…A lot of my preconceived ideas about believing in God had to do with God vs.. Science- and I guess at some point in the previous two years at Edgewood, I had started to believe that Faith in God means you are shallow minded.

This is part of Heather’s story.  It is not an uncommon story.  She grew up in a church going family and was a really good girl which may have given the impression to the people around her that she was a genuine Christian.  But she wasn’t.  Heather eventually became outwardly opposed to the faith.

So how did this young lady end up believing in Jesus Christ as her Savior?  Love. Intelligent conversation. Prayer. The Bible.  Those may be the answers, but the journey was a long one and well worth the read.  Hear Heather tell her story at Belief: Part 1.


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