Still The Way, The Truth, and The Life

I was reading the latest Christianity Today (December 2009) and came across some stunning statistics that made me think, “How stupid can a person be?”

The article “Still the Way, the Truth, and the Life” by John Franke was an ok read (3.5 out of 5 stars), but I was stunned at some professing Christians’ stupidity due to lack of logic, determination to be “politically correct”, or whatever other reason they think they can say they are an Evangelical Christian yet hold a pluralistic worldview.  The author of the article was describing the results of compromising on Jesus being the Truth and related a story of a pastor who believed that many religions can lead to eternal life:

A pastor who wanted to demonstrate the strength of his conviction said that if Jesus himself were to appear and affirm the opposing view, he would look him straight in the eye and say, “No, Jesus, you are wrong.  I know this based on my experience, and nothing you can say will lead me to believe otherwise.” (p 30)

Just think about that for a moment.  God shows up and states the facts and you tell God – your Creator – that He is wrong based upon your feelings and experiences which are not facts.  That is beyond stupidity!

I could rant more, but I suggest that if you are interested in this topic you listen to the One Way series currently being produced by John Myer (it will be over 20 messages total).  You can also listen to podcasts and read books by Ravi Zacharias for great insight into logic and the exclusivity of Christ.


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