Baby Pools and Mirror Lake

“Interesting results from last year’s study include a lake-wide temperature increase of approximately 3 degrees Fahrenheit during the course of the night and an ammonia spike around 1 in the morning,” said Steve Goldsmith, a postdoctoral research associate.

The temperature increase could be chalked up to warm-blooded people standing in a cold lake, Goldsmith said. But, yes, that ammonia spike means exactly what you think it means.


“It went from a background of 5.2 parts per million to a peak of about 42 parts per million,” Goldsmith said. “So it was an eightfold increase.”

This is an excerpt from an interesting article entitled Wee Bit of Pee in Mirror Lake After OSU Jumps.  It was online in the Columbus Dispatch by Doug Caruso.  I personally haven’t made the jump into Mirror Lake, nor do I plan on doing so.  Not so much because of the pee (I was a swimmer and a lifeguard so I know all about being in pools with pee) but because I have no desire to get into that duck-poo filled pond.

I do find it intriguing and amusing that some students are finally putting some science into this annual event prior to the OSU – Michigan game.  I hope that they post their findings and graphs online and in a public domain so that we all can see exactly what is happening throughout the night in the lake.

One more thought. People can get so pumped up for a football game that they will jump into a dirty lake.  Can we Christians get so pumped about Jesus that we too can do something even a “wee bit” adventuresome for our Lord and Savior?


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