Troop Care Packages

uncle-sam-support-troopsOasis is going to be showing God’s love to our troops through a couple care packages to at least two units.  Let us be those who serve those who are serving us.  Check out this website for a list of suggested items to bring and not to bring (a partial list is below, too).

Bring your items to Oasis’ on-campus church services or to BR199 (199 E 15th Ave) to place in our “troop boxes”.  You can also donate monetarily by a check to “Oasis” with “Troop Care package” in the memo and we will purchase stuff for the troops with those funds.

Some Suggest Items To Bring:

Deodorant; Jelly beans; Rice Krispie treats; Altoids or mints; Beef jerky; Sunflower seeds; Chewing Gum; Ziploc bags; Coffee; Gatorade; Playing cards; Music CD’s; Toothbrushes & toothpaste; Canned food items; Pringles; Ramen noodles; Macaroni & cheese; Cereal bars/granola bars; Hot cocoa mix; AA batteries; D size batteries; Canned air to blow dust out of electronics; Stress relief squeeze balls; Sewing kit; Baby wipes; Ink pens; Notepads of paper; Vitamins; Paperback books; toilet paper


3 thoughts on “Troop Care Packages

  1. My husband tells me the toilet paper over there is some of the roughest around…the extra soft kind from home is always appreciated =)

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