UEThis past Sunday Oasis spoke about the church as the Ultimate Evangelist.  At the end of the sermon we asked everyone to write down some ideas as to how we could reach out to the campus as a church.  We also had an immediate practical outlet on the main Oval at Ohio State University where some of us handed out free hot chocolate, cookies, invitations to church, and looked to engage people in conversations about Jesus.

Working together with others in evangelism is a huge encouragement.  There is an added feel of teamwork and the overcoming of fear together.  The latter being very important in my life as I can find myself being a bit of a “gospel chicken” at times.    Being out on the Oval with a couple of others had me pumped and geared to talking with strangers for the rest of the day.  After the outreach time I found myself naturally engaging people I didn’t know in conversation for the rest of the day – including a long talk in the RPAC’s sauna after a good workout in the pool.

Engaging people in the gospel as the church seems to have a way of igniting a love of Jesus and a desire that others would meet Jesus.  Over the rest of the school year Oasis will be doing various outreaches on campus based upon some of the ideas the congregation wrote down (and maybe some other ideas too).

A summary of the top ideas by quantity from Sunday are:

  1. Hand out free food as a way to engage in conversation
  2. Actively invite people to church &/or your small group
  3. Learn how to & then capitalize on opportunities to talk about Jesus with your friends and those you already know.

My personal favorite, though I’m not sure we’ll be able to do it:

  1. Subliminal messages from speakers hidden around campus telling people about Jesus and come to Oasis : ).

Also written down by several people were things that should help strengthen and empower our gospel preaching: prayer & time in the Word.


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