Saturday Nite Guys (1)

SNGSaturday Nite Guys.  The joint Men’s Ministry of UA Christian Assembly & Oasis.  we had our first men’s time this past Saturday night at the UACA church facility.  The time was a movie & discussion night over the film “The Emperor’s Club” staring Kevin Kline.

As the teacher goes head to head with (and attempts to mentor) a rebellious and spoiled student, the movie sets forth the question,Emperor Club “Is living by honor and virtue out-dated and not realistic in life?”  While rooting for change in the student and feeling  let down at his failures, I also began to think of the Lord’s words about good trees bearing good fruit and corrupt trees bearing evil fruit (Matthew 7:17).

After the movie was over we dove into these questions and others.  Soon the discussion began to get personal as we applied the thoughts to our personal lives.  I will not get into details as what is said in these times needs to stay just between the guys in the room, but I do look forward to future Saturday Nite Guys activities and discussions.  The possible benefits to the young (and not as young) men of UACA & Oasis are huge.


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