Yummy Raw Lamb

Today I went out for food in Troy, Michigan with a bunch of my J-Thugz from the Gospel Odyssey and some others.  We decided to go out for Lebanese food – a first for many of them.  I had heard about some awesome tasting raw lamb meat from this restaurant from Jeff Friess & Peter McNaughton and knew that I also had to have some.

Our posse went to Anita’s Kitchen on Maple Rd.  I ordered spicy Kibbeh Nayeh (spicy raw lamb) and it was truly delicious.  It looked like the equivalent of two hamburger patties in size and yet I could only eat about 3/4 of it before I was full.  I guess you scoop it on pita bread, put a slice of raw onion on it along with some olive oil and chew away.  Did I mention that it was delicious?  Even the most scared person of non-American food ate some and said it was good.

I also had a small bowl of Lemon Lentil Soup which was also very scrumptious.  Just enough lemon to add flavor but not too much that it causes you to pucker.

The service was great, the food (including everything else everyone else ate) was outstanding, and the price very reasonable.  A+ all the way!


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