Football Star and Sex

I was reading through the September 2009 issue of Christianity Today and came upon the “Quotation Marks” section.  In it were two quotes that stood out for me.  The first by Bear Grylis, star of Man vs Wild, in a promo for the Alpha Course, “When you get a chance to be saved you gotta grab it” (mainly because I didn’t know he was saved and thought it was a cool saying).  The second quote is from Florida’s star quarterback Tim Tebow.

The quote from Tim Tebow is, “Yes, I am”. This was in acknowledging to radio reporters that he is saving himself for marriage. I was very much impressed by this statement.  Here is the star quarterback of a top college football team who must have a lot of women more than willing to have sex with him who goes to school in an area of the country that is filled with scantily clad students and yet boldly declares that he is not going to have sex until he is married.  Here is an example of a young man living out biblical morality in the face of popular culture’s pressures to do otherwise.  It is my hope and prayer that Tim successfully stands firm and saves himself until marriage.


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