Truth and Emotions

I was listening to a workshop from the Worship God 2008 conference on the Sovereign Grace training resource site for worship teams.  It was a talk entitled “Expressing our Emotions with the Psalmist” by Thabiti Anyabwile.

Right at the end of the talk, ~60:00-62:00, Thabiti made a couple great statements that I feel nail the state of people today and the need for us to center our speaking, preaching, singing, and leading of singing on the truth of God’s word and not our emotions.  Not that emotions are bad.  They are not.  They are God-given and desired by God in our worship of Him.  But our emotions are to follow the lead of the truth of Scripture and not the other way around.   Now for Mr. Anyabwile’s statement:

“All the psalmist is doing here is built on truth.  Truth is central to our proclamation.  And truth is central to how we serve our people in worship.  We want to pour all that we do and we want to pour the emotions of our people through the strainer of truth.  So that the pulp of man centeredness and worldliness is gathered up and tossed away so that what is left is the pure nectar of God’s truth for drinking and nourishing ourselves.

So we want to teach our people to watch their reactions to the truth….How are my feelings affecting my response to this truth?…This is important in our culture.  Because what our culture teaches us is that what we feel is true…We’re in a culture and a time where if you ask someone what they think about something they are more likely to give you a list of feelings.  We want to be skillful in helping people apply the truth to their feelings and have their feelings driven by the truth and not the other way around.”


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