Praying the Word with Martin Luther

In preparation for tomorrow’s UA Christian Assembly small group at Jeff Friess’ house I came across this quote about Martin Luther by August Francke (1663-1727; a key figure in bringing the Scriptures to the “common man” by reprinting them in German).  I love the imagery portrayed.  The practice of reading and praying the Word as described below has also consistently helped me enter into God’s presence.

“[One] may remain at every little verse in the Bible and as Luther says, “Knock on every little twig, whether there would be some berries that would fall off.”  Should at the beginning one think it somewhat difficult and should the prayer not flow at once, one may go on, to try the same on another twig.  If the soul is only hungry, the Spirit of God will not leave it undernourished.  Yea, it will finally be found, that the man will see so many living fruit in one small verse, that he will remain there and settle, as under a tree richly laden. However, whosoever in the beginning is frightened by it, and considers it to be too difficult for him and he could not read the Scripture in this manner, it is his own fault, that during his entire life he never gains true joy and pleasure in the Scriptures.”[1]

[1] Francke, August Hermann.  “August Hermann Francke’s Kurzer Unterricht”, Die Bibel.  Trans. William Jaques.  Halle: Drud & Bertag, 1877. p IV.


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