Gospel Odyssey – August 8

Today, August 8th, was the finale of the Gospel Odyssey…aka the Watermelon Fest.  It was geared to be an outdoor festival at a local middle school with a few indoor activities, but due to crazy amounts of rain many of the activities moved indoors (though some were still held outside under tents).  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let’s go back to the start of the morning’s events.

We were scheduled to go canvassing for the Watermelon Fest but due to the crazy rain only three cars went out while everyone else made signs and stood on street corners under umbrellas.  My car, with 4 other J-Thugz went out to get soaked for Jesus and canvas.  We decided that those guys – Enoch Kuo, David Kim, Duc Luong, & Sam Huoh – all got at least 20 swagger points for each house they put an invite on.  Since we covered eight streets right by the school they got a lot of points…and soaking wet.  After we got done with the canvassing I treated them all to grande hot chocolates at the B&N’s Starbucks.  After drinking our beverages we toured the Christian section of the store and I was asked to post a “J-Thugz” fall semester/quarter book reading list that would mainly focus on helping equip us for the gospel.  That is going to be coming in an upcoming blog.

After heading to the middle school for lunch and setting up for the Watermelon Fest I got to play a few games of cornhole and basketball before the singing & gospel message.  My team won both times in cornhole (mainly because of the clutch 3-point shots of my teammate).  In basketball I was likely having the best game of my life.  I was making shots, getting rebounds, making steals & strips, & blocking shots.  Now, I’m not claiming to be the Midwest Shaq Diesel (aka Jeff Friess), but I think I did a good job of representing the Buckeye state in Ann Arbor.

Amy Strieter put on another great drama that introduced Mark Miller’s message.  His message was excellent.  Mark effectively portrayed the fact that a person cannot say that Jesus was just a good guy, a good teacher, or a spiritual person.  That is not an option.  Based upon His own words and claims to be the Christ (Messiah) and Son of God we must either call Him the most evil deceiver of all time, a lunatic, or believe that He truly is Lord.

Over all, I must give major props to the Christians in Ann Arbor who helped put on and support the Gospel Odyssey & the Watermelon Fest.  Also, those who labored to design & carry out the concepts, practical labors & details, hospitality, music, speaking, etc… you all deserve a big hand of applause.  We cannot forget those who participated in the Gospel Odyssey & Watermelon Fest as well – your heart for the gospel and concern for the lives and souls of those around you and in Ann Arbor is to be much celebrated.


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