Gospel Odyssey – August 4 (Part 1)

Today we had a bit of a break half way through the day which was a good thing because it was really hot and I think our legs (at least mine) were feeling some pain from all the walking earlier this week.  Though we got a couple hours of down-time physically, we didn’t take a break in our gospel fervor.

We canvassed a new area of the city with brochures, went door to door with surveys, and went out on the U of M campus in the gospel.  During the door to door venture Enoch Kuo and I prayed with a guy for his father who has prostate cancer but has yet to believe in Jesus.  We talked to a lady who goes to a Unitarian group (basically they believe in everything but the Bible) who believes that it doesn’t matter what we do in life because the God-like force out there isn’t going to punish anyone.  When we asked her how Hitler and other mass murders fit into that she said that her god was ok with them to and that she’ll be spending eternity with them (if she doesn’t believe in Jesus, she’s right; but it won’t be in the “happy place” that she imagine).

David Kim & Jerome Espiritu prayed with a guy (I think to receive the Lord) who had a friend recently die.  They also ran into a former OSU student, Thomas, who went to Oasis and then New Life OSU for a couple years.  Apparently he still remembered me and mentioned me by name so I was called over to catch up on life with him.  He’s now going to Michigan for grad school this fall.

I look forward to hearing more stories of what the Lord did today.  I’ll be able to fill in the gaps some time tomorrow when people share their stories.  Stay tuned : ).


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