Gospel Odyssey – August 3

This morning we did some canvassing in the same neighborhood as yesterday.  Afterwards, we had lunch and a little “gospel training” at the Boy Scout headquarters of GO.  During that time I found out about two other salvation events (in addition to the one mentioned in my August 1 GO entry) that have happened so far.  One was from a door to door survey and the other from a gospel event on the U of M campus.

The survey salvation story was prompted when the surveyors asked the woman how she dealt with stress.  Her response: Ironing.  They asked about God being a means and then the gospel opportunity opened up and she was saved.  Then they prayed with her for a family member struggling with cancer.

The campus student was asked what he thought about Jesus.  He replied that he went to church and stuff to please his mother but that’s about it when it comes to anything Jesus related.  After later conversation, the student said that he wanted to fix up his life and drinking problem before he felt he could come to God anyways.  This opened the door for Romans 5:8 to be preached, “But God demonstrates His own love to us in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us”.  The student was told to come to Jesus as he was, problems and all because Jesus died for him even though he had all those problems.  The student then received Jesus as his Savior.

For our creative gospel session we made tons of cookies that will be passed out to those who serve the community some future day from now.  Our first batch or two did not turn out well at all.  We ate most of those cookies as a form of “quality control”.  But by the third batch we were rolling.  We made close to 300 cookies with lots of dough left over (we had to get going before 5pm and ran out of time).  Most of us were feeling a bit sick because of all the “quality control” cookie eating we did.  But the upcoming walking helped a lot.

Doing door to door surveys was a bit more eventful tonight.  We ran into some Christians who we simply asked to pray for us and for the gospel, which they said they would.  Then my group of three entered into a conversation at one home with a guy who was about to leave for his freshman year of college.  His mom seems to be relatively newly saved but he and his father are agnostic at best.  As we talked about his beliefs and Jesus and the Bible he mentioned that he really does believe that the Bible is accurately recorded and historically upheld.  He has a hard time believing in the more miraculous elements and that God inspired the writing of the Bible.  We talked more and I recommended a book to him, which he said he would add to his stack of John Piper books that he is currently reading in his research and seeking out of God.  In the end I told him to keep it up and that he was lucky to have a mom who was praying for him and his salvation.

Later that night we had a bbq at Gallup Park centered around the theme of “God’s Love”.  In addition to the GO people, it appeared that about twenty people who were high school, college, and co-workers of people in Ann Arbor came out.  Plus a few people from the neighborhood.  Ben Carbrey gave the gospel message, possibly his first, and portrayed that God loves us even if we don’t reciprocate that love.  He described God’s love in Christ’s sacrifice.  Ben’s use of a short skit and video was also well done.


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