Gospel Odyssey – August 2

This morning we joined Summit International church, an Assemblies of God congregation, for a church service.  I would guess that they are about 40 people in size with a youth band leading the singing.  They were friendly people and their pastor certainly has a heart for the gospel.  Apparently their pastor and Daniel Kim met through an organization called PACT – Pastors Alliance for County Transformation (or something like that) which is where different pastors come together for the sake of the gospel in their county.

I found out that I was with Team 1 (aka “J-Thugz”) which comprises people from Columbus, Buffalo, Akron, Ann Arbor, Toronto and Cleveland.  It is certainly a fun group and a crew with a heart to see people saved.  We hit an area during the afternoon by canvassing the doors with invites for the week’s bbq’s as well as a tract about God’s love.  Then we linked up with Team 4 in the afternoon to pass out free water on U of M’s diag (their quad or oval).  I think we eventually got all 300 distributed along with invites & tracts.  I had a couple conversations with martial arts guys and a couple or IT guys from Bombay, India (I was wishing that Jeff Friess was there to meet them).

After dinner we went door to door with surveys and invites.  My squad of three got a few rejections, a few people who were nice enough to do the survey, and a conversation with a serious Christian, but no solid “gospel conversations”.  I’m not sure what the experiences of other groups were tonight, but I seemed to overhear that some had some good conversations.


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