Gospel Odyssey – August 1

I arrived at the Gospel Odyssey, an 8 day venture in the gospel by youth in the Great Lakes area, in Ann Arbor today.  I didn’t make it up until about 3pm so I missed most of the day’s earlier outreach events.  I stayed at the Boy Scout building, the headquarters for this GO, to be the ride for the drama team to the night’s bbq.

There was a gospel meeting tonight at Liberty Park kicked off by a bbq.  The food was brought in by a local church which is supporting the GO this year.  Great food.  It appears that in addition to the gospel, effort was put in to invite the surrounding community to this time.  By glancing around it looked like a handful of people from the area did come out for the evening.

After eating, the gospel meeting was kicked off with some singing by a band.  They did a good job and it seemed most people were into the singing.  Even an OSU professor who lives in Ann Arbor (weird thought, eh) was pumping his hand in the air while singing “Break Free”.  After the singing, Rex Beck shared a gospel message with a theme of “Rest”.  The anchor verses being in Matthew 11:28-30.  There was a short drama and a few videos interwoven to help drive the point.

I also heard that during the day people were passing out free water bottle on the U of M campus and a student told them that he’d take the water but had tried a bunch of religions already.  He was asked if he had tried being born again.  He asked what that meant which opened the door to the gospel being preached and his salvation.  So, there has been at least one salvation so far this GO.

Afterwords, I drove a few guys from the Akron area back to the house where we will be spending the night this week.  We eventually made it there…after taking a 40 minute scenic route detour.


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