Mt Top Day 3

With my brain being slightly refreshed after last night’s sleep I will attempt to hit some highlights of the final day of Mt Top:

The morning power session with music led by my church’s youth band & the message by Mark Miller.  Went really well.  We found out that a girl from Columbus had gotten saved last night! Then Mark’s message on God’s unbreakable and securing love from Romans 8 was outstanding.  He had his sister, Hannah, sing a traditional hymn which brought out another aspect of God’s love for us – Christ’s sacrifice on the cross.  After that the Columbus band led us in singing “Endlessly” while some kids got ready to be baptized.

Five youth got baptized (1 from Akron, 1 from Cleveland, 1 from Indianapolis, 2 from Pittsburgh) in the back of a pickup truck (our custom made baptismal) after the meeting.  It was great.  It also started to pour down rain, but that just added to the affect.

The rain did throw the rest of the day for a loop thought.  It wiped out an activity causing us to bump up the schedule.  We meant to tell everyone about the change while they were all together to watch a video to kick off their small group time (video wasn’t uploaded, so I became the video…but the link is:, but at least half of the small group leaders didn’t read the instructions to gather all together first.  It all worked out in the end as word of mouth spread that the schedule had been bumped up half an hour.

The afternoon power session had Seth Johnson (not me, another Seth) capping off the conference with a call for the gospel.  He used the verses in Romans 8 about us being sheep for the slaughter for the gospel’s sake as his anchor.  It was a sober, but good word about not being afraid to speak for the Lord and for the sake of our friend’s and co-workers’ salvation’s.


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