BBQ or Coleslaw

I was reading through the Proverbs this morning and simply started to laugh after reading 15:17 – “Better is a dish of vegetables where love is than a fattened ox served with hatred.”

I decided to rewrite the verse in a “Seth Translation ReMix” format:

“Obviously bbq is better than a vegetable meal, but if the grill master hates you it is better to eat the veges that your loving hippie friend cooked lest your bbq sauce be poisoned.”

After reading that, some may say that I should stay away from doing my own translation of the Bible.  But I have found that paraphrasing the Bible (while keeping to the meaning of the text) can be a great way to help get the Word into me.

I’d be interested in seeing other people’s “remixed” version of this verse.


2 thoughts on “BBQ or Coleslaw

  1. “It’s better for me to eat Seth’s parents’ steamed vegetables than for me to eat the greasy fries at carnivals. At least his parents love me, whereas carnival food isn’t always so loving or sanitary.” 🙂 ❤

  2. It is better to drink Kroger brand coffee (even if all the dregs and grounds get all up in your teeth and stuff) that mom makes you in the morning, than to buy even the best Starbucks coffee (Sumatra) from a fake smiling ticked off employee that is mad at people for ordering “double chai tee soy milk extra chai add green tee unsweet lattes with whip cream on top and drizled caramel”…instead of just some black coffee.

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