A Day of Driscoll Reading on Dating & Dads

Today I read through a chapter in Mark Driscoll’s Vintage Church (which I am not going to blog about), an online chapter on dating from his new book Religion Saves and Nine Other Misconceptions, and his book Pastor Dad (which can be purchased or downloaded in its entirety).

Regarding Pastor Dad, I shot through this short book more in a sPastor Dadkimming mode than a comprehensive reading mode.  My impressions were that this was a book that is set up to be very practical but also filled with principles.  The key thought behind this book seems to be that all dads are pastors to their wives and children and they need to step up to that loving responsibility.   I think that as I draw closer to marriage and the thought of when to have children I will give this book a closer read.  I would love to have some dads with children give this book a read and let me know their thoughts.

Regarding Mark’s online chapter on dating from Religion Saves, I found it to have some good sections worth consideration and contemplation:

  1. The chapter starts off with a “history of dating” of which the section oReligion Savesn cohabitation (pp 183-186) is certainly worth reading as it is very prevalent in today’s youth and the section gives excellent ammo on helping people realize the folly in choosing to cohabitate.
  2. The section on A Few Things to Ponder (pp 190-191) asks three excellent questions: (1) How is your relationship with Jesus?, (2) are you believing cultural lies?, & (3) do you accept that marriage is for holiness before happiness?  These may be some very good points to discuss with people as they are in the age-group of serious dating.
  3. 7 Christian Dating Questions for Men/Women (pp 198-202) is a section that poses seven questions to men and seven questions to women that are both very practical and may be often overlooked by both genders when they are considering getting into a relationship with someone.  These are likely to be very helpful to go over with people who are in the college/young working age group as they are the ones who are really considering marriage.

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