Travels in France

After spending a week in France (home base in Chambery) I have come back with a few observations and impressions:

  1. The country is indeed beautiful and has lovely buildings and monuments.
  2. Shorts are a fashion faux-pas, but tight capris are the “in fashion” for both men (gag!) and women.
  3. To find a French person without a cigarette in their mouth at soFrance Trip 09 257me point in the day is truly a rare thing.
  4. It appears that mullets may be the incoming French hair style.
  5. Their coffee is terrible but their cheeses are great.
  6. The French are about 10-20 years behind the USA in music (early 90’s music is “in”), clothing (they are just starting to “sag their pants”), and games (apparently Magic is the new rave).
  7. Paris is a place you must see…especially the Eiffel Tower at night.
  8. A pluralistic worldview concerning God has established itself.
  9. Pain au chocolat is fabulous…especially warm.
  10. Angelina’s in Paris is a place you must visit and have their hot chocolate…but you will never be satisfied with another hot chocolate again in your life after tasting their creation.

Now, lest you think my list was complaining, it wasn’t.  They were just some items that really stood out to me because I didn’t realize it before arriving in the country or were confirmed upon visiting.  It was a fabulous trip, well worth the time and money.

If I were to go again, I would hit Paris again and spend at least a day or so inside the Louvre, visit old WWI & WWII battlegrounds, and explore the western areas of France.


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